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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

AMA Guides - Part 3 of 3: Advanced

This 2-hour webinar instructed by Phil Walker, J.D. and Christopher Brigham, M.D. will focus on the advanced ratings under the AMA Guides.

- Review of Prior Ratings
Nerve Rating
* Carpal Tunnel
Spine Range of Motion
* Appropriate Usage
* 3 parts, and combination
* Situation where both DRE and ROM can be used
* Grip strength not used
Almaraz Guzman III Ratings
* Requirements
- Advanced Ratings
Grip Strength
* Biceps tendon rupture
* Surgery for medial or lateral epicondylitis
Strength Rating
* Limitations
Rating by Analogy
Treatment Producing Remission
Lower Extremity
* Use of Combining Chart
Spinal Cord Injury
Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerves
Incorrect Ratings and Abuses Using the Guides
* Use of Hernia Chart to Rate Spine
* Use of Spinal Conversion Chart to Rate Spine
* Functional Loss Ratings
- Prevailing at Court
Requesting an Correct Report
Deposing and Cross-Examining the Doctor
Using a Cross-Examination of the Rater
Using an Expert Report on the Correct AMA Rating
Trial Brief
Settlement Strategies
* Write Dr. or Depose/Cross-Examine
* Use Trial Brief
- Update on California Work Comp Law Regarding AMA Ratings

To register, please visit the website or call the number below!

Time: 12:00 pm2:00 pm

Website: https://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/course/course_pk/1077

Contact: (805) 484-0333 | support@workcompcentral.com

Location: Webinar, ,

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