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2015 Comp Laude® Award Winners

What are the Comp Laude® Awards?

The Comp Laude® Awards recognize Integrity, Excellence and Success in the Workers’ Compensation industry. Each year, nominations are received and reviewed by a panel of industry judges. Comp Laude® awards are presented by WorkCompCentral at the annual Comp Laude® Gala.

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2015 Comp Laude® Awards Winner

Alex Swedlow , President, California Workers’ Compensation Institute
Summa Comp Laude® Winner with highest honor

Alex Swedlow shares CWCI's mission of improving the operation of the California workers' compensation system through research and education.

See more details about this winner here.

Becky Curtis, Take Courage Coaching
Magna Comp Laude® Winner with great honor

Becky Curtis overcame multiple injuries and permanent disabilities sustained in a near-fatal auto accident to provide tools and assistance to others living with chronic pain.

See more details about this winner here.

Cedar Fair
Employer Comp Laude® Winner

Cedar Fair, one of the world's largest regional amusement resort operators, makes safety (as well as fun) a priority for guests and employees alike.

See more details about this winner here.

Maureen Gallagher, Work Comp Brand Leader for AssuredPartners NL
Individual Comp Laude® Winner

Maureen Gallagher specializes in assisting producers and clients to select appropriate workers' compensation placements, manages collateral determination for large loss-sensitive placements, conducts webinars and maintains the extensive workers' compensation Brand library.

See more details about this winner here.

Kenneth Black
Injured Worker Comp Laude® Winner

Kenneth Black serves as an "inspiration for other injured workers and to the industry as a whole" for overcoming his opioid addiction and reclaiming his life after a debilitating work injury.

See more details about this winner here.

Artemis Emslie, President, myMatrixx
Leadership Comp Laude® Winner

Artemis Emslie thrives on building talented and capable teams, providing mentoring and inspiration to guide and support others.

See more details about this winner here.

Hon. Colleen Casey, Workers' Compensation Administrative Law Judge
Legal Comp Laude® Winner

Colleen Casey is a highly sought speaker, writer and trainer on workers' compensation law and issues, including regional training seminars.

See more details about this winner here.

Kathryn Mueller, MD, MPH
Medical Comp Laude® Winner

Kathryn Mueller, MD, MPH, is a tireless evidence-based medicine advocate honored for her significant and lasting impact on workers' compensation.

See more details about this winner here.

Ascential Care Partners, LLC
Service Comp Laude® Winner

Ascential Care Partners provides insightful, caring, high-quality service to its patients, their families and the community.

See more details about this winner here.

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