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Case Name: Huffman vs. City of Poway Date: 11/13/2000
Note: Failure to secure compensation will defeat exclusive remedy doctrine.
Citation: 84 Cal.App.4th 975, 65 CCC 1280
WCC Citation: WCC 3612000 CA
Case Name: Hardesty, et. al. v. McCord & Holdren, etc. Date: 03/17/1976
Note: Trial judge has power to invoke liberal pre-trial discovery orders to effect efficient processes.
Citation: 41 CCC 111
WCC Citation: WCC 3681976 CA
Case Name: Hustedt v. WCAB (Sup. Ct. En Banc) Date: 12/07/1981
Note: WCAB has power to punish attorneys for contempt, but cannot prohibit practice before Board.
Citation: 30 Cal.3d 329, 46 CCC 1284
WCC Citation: WCC 3701981 CA
Case Name: Hamilton v. WCAB Date: 05/04/1979
Note: Presumption must be supported by evidence of causal connection between employment and injury.
Citation: 93 Cal.App.3d 587, 44 CCC 520
WCC Citation: WCC 4141979 CA
Case Name: Hansen Mechanical, Inc. v. Sup. Court Date: 11/29/1995
Note: Indemnity provision unenforceable because it was not signed before employee's injury.
Citation: 40 Cal.App.4th 722, 60 CCC 1177
WCC Citation: WCC 23991995 CA
Case Name: Hansen v. WCAB Date: 06/07/1989
Note: Ordering a worker to attend a medical exam 185 miles from home violates Sec. 4051.
Citation: 211 Cal.App.3d 717, 54 CCC 193
WCC Citation: WCC 24021989 CA
Case Name: Herrera v. WCAB Date: 12/31/1969
Note: Board has discretion to credit wage payments after injury against disability benefits.
Citation: 71 Cal.2d 254, 34 CCC 382
WCC Citation: WCC 24631969 CA
Case Name: Huston v. WCAB Date: 09/07/1979
Note: Comp. carrier had burden to prove TD before return to work, worker's burden after.
Citation: 95 Cal.App.3d 856, 44 CCC 798
WCC Citation: WCC 24861979 CA
Case Name: Hardware Mut. Cas. Co. v. WCAB Date: 07/31/1967
Note: Separate cause of inability to work is separately evaluated, specific findings required.
Citation: 253 Cal.App.2d 62, 32 CCC 291
WCC Citation: WCC 25021967 CA
Case Name: Holland v. WCAB Date: 06/29/1993
Note: Valid medical lien can be assigned by one provider to another.
Citation: 58 CCC 390
WCC Citation: WCC 25051993 CA
Case Name: Horizon Med. Group v. WCAB Date: 06/27/1996
Note: Lien claimant denied due process when applicant fails to notify of medical objection; should be cured by amending pleadings.
Citation: 61 CCC 654
WCC Citation: WCC 25251996 CA
Case Name: Hofmeister v. WCAB Date: 06/01/1984
Note: 4661.5 applicable to county reserve firefighter.
Citation: 156 Cal.App.3d 848, 49 CCC 438
WCC Citation: WCC 25441984 CA
Case Name: Hustedt v. WCAB Date: 12/07/1981
Note: WCAB can punish contempt, but cannot prohibit atty. from practicing before the board.
Citation: 30 Cal.3d 329, 46 CCC 1284
WCC Citation: WCC 25661981 CA
Case Name: Holmes Eureka Lumber Co. v. IAC Date: 10/11/1940
Note: Award annulled b/c physicians' reports received in evidence after hearing.
Citation: 41 Cal.App.2d 150, 5 CCC 230
WCC Citation: WCC 25821940 CA
Case Name: Hoffman v. Andrews Date: 03/15/1945
Note: Superior court has equity jurisdiction, has power to enjoin action to satisfy a judgment.
Citation: 68 Cal.App.2d 421, 10 CCC 67
WCC Citation: WCC 26101945 CA
Case Name: Hulse v. WCAB Date: 10/29/1976
Note: Board's power to commute award into lump sum must be exercised reasonably, not arbitrarily.
Citation: 63 Cal.App.3d 221, 41 CCC 691
WCC Citation: WCC 26171976 CA
Case Name: Hodges v. WCAB Date: 07/18/1978
Note: WCJ's statement that he had difficulty concluding employer would condone horseplay was a
Citation: 82 Cal.App.3d 894, 43 CCC 870
WCC Citation: WCC 26481978 CA
Case Name: Hartsuiker v. WCAB Date: 01/11/1993
Note: No WCAB continuing jurisdiction to award disability for hospitalization more than 5 years after injury.
Citation: 12 Cal.App.4th 209, 58 CCC 19
WCC Citation: WCC 26671993 CA
Case Name: Housing Authority v. WCAB Date: 01/14/1998
Note: WCAB had jurisdiction over whether housing authority's chief of police was an employee.
Citation: 60 Cal.App.4th 1076, 63 CCC 1
WCC Citation: WCC 26801998 CA
Case Name: Hulbert v. WCAB Date: 04/29/1975
Note: If there's a dispute of facts, WCAB's award must stand; if none, court may set aside.
Citation: 47 Cal.App.3d 634, 40 CCC 823
WCC Citation: WCC 27381975 CA
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