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Case Name: McCarty v. WCAB Date: 10/30/1974
Note: Intoxication not a defense where employer permits consumption of alcohol.
Citation: 12 Cal.3d 677, 33 CCC 712
WCC Citation: WCC 3411974 CA
Case Name: Martinez v. WCAB Date: 11/15/2000
Note: Jurisdiction for VR benefits continues once properly established.
Citation: 84 Cal. App. 4th 1079, 65 CCC 1253
WCC Citation: WCC 3622000 CA
Case Name: Moran v. Bradford Bldg., etc. Date: 05/08/1992
Note: WCAB has inherent and statutory authority to provide for dismissal of claim forms.
Citation: 57 CCC 273
WCC Citation: WCC 3671992 CA
Case Name: Morton v. WCAB Date: 07/22/1987
Note: The Board, and not the WCJ is empowered to ADJUDGE contempt.
Citation: 193 Cal.App.3d 924, 52 CCC 315
WCC Citation: WCC 3721987 CA
Case Name: Mitchell v. Golden Eagle Ins. Co. Date: 03/02/1995
Note: Industrial injury not prerequisite to recover deposition atty. fee; Restitution appropriate for fee paid erroneously.
Citation: 60 CCC 205
WCC Citation: WCC 3731995 CA
Case Name: Mason v. Case Date: 12/31/1969
Note: 2801 may apply where employer failed to secure compensation or employment is outside of work comp.
Citation: 220 Cal.App.2d 170, 28 CCC 293
WCC Citation: WCC 3891963 CA
Case Name: Miner v. Superior Court Date: 04/09/2001
Note: An employee has limited rights to sue another employee for damages apart from work comp.
Citation: 30 Cal.App.3d 597, 38 CCC 210
WCC Citation: WCC 4082001 CA
Case Name: Marsh & McLennan, Inc. v. Sup. Crt. Date: 06/29/1989
Note: No private cause of action against a TPA; other legislative remedies apply.
Citation: 49 Cal.3d 1, 54 CCC 265
WCC Citation: WCC 23791989 CA
Case Name: Mercer-Fraser Co. v. IAC Date: 01/06/1953
Note: Employer's duty for safe workplace not absolute as to liability under 4553.
Citation: 40 Cal.2d 102, 18 CCC 3
WCC Citation: WCC 24101953 CA
Case Name: Minniear v. Mt. San Antonio Comm. Coll. Dist. Date: 09/18/1996
Note: Sufficiency of evidence necessary to rebut treating dr. presumption; award reduction required per 4065.
Citation: 61 CCC 105
WCC Citation: WCC 24131996 CA
Case Name: Moulton v. WCAB Date: 11/06/2000
Note: Failure to issue self imposed 4650 penalty for late TTD payment creates 5814 liability.
Citation: 84 Cal.App.4th 837
WCC Citation: WCC 24672000 CA
Case Name: Mote v. WCAB Date: 07/24/1997
Note: Employer liable for delay in increasing rate of TTD even though stipulated amount.
Citation: 56 Cal.App.4th 902, 62 CCC 891
WCC Citation: WCC 24731997 CA
Case Name: Moyer v. WCAB Date: 03/31/1972
Note: A preexisting permanent partial disability must interfere with one's ability to do work.
Citation: 24 Cal.App.3d 650
WCC Citation: WCC 24781972 CA
Case Name: Morris v. County of Marin Date: 02/03/1977
Note: Failure of public entity to secure WC certificate of insurance from building permit applicant creates civil liability.
Citation: 18 Cal.3d 901, 42 CCC 131
WCC Citation: WCC 24801977 CA
Case Name: Maples v. WCAB Date: 11/06/1980
Note: Employer/insurer cannot claim credit for overpayment of TD because of unreasonable delay in filing med. report and not filing petition to terminate TD after terminating benefits.
Citation: 111 Cal.App.3d 827, 45 CCC 1106
WCC Citation: WCC 24881980 CA
Case Name: Maranian v. WCAB Date: 06/26/2000
Note: 90-day limitation runs from date of receipt of Claim Form; Order on Recon final re appellate review.
Citation: 81 Cal.App.4th 1068, 65 CCC 650
WCC Citation: WCC 24912000 CA
Case Name: Marquez v. WCAB Date: 07/28/1995
Note: Lien not allowed for overpaid disability benefits against subsequent employer comp. payments.
Citation: 60 CCC 711
WCC Citation: WCC 25061995 CA
Case Name: Midas Recovery Services, Inc. v. WCAB Date: 06/20/1997
Note: Reimbursement is paid at rate in effect when payments are made, not during actual disability period.
Citation: 55 Cal.App.4th 1321, 62 CCC 763
WCC Citation: WCC 25231997 CA
Case Name: Massey v. WCAB Date: 07/12/1993
Note: Death benefits apply regardless of whether child is a minor or an adult.
Citation: 5 Cal.4th 674, 58 CCC 367
WCC Citation: WCC 25241993 CA
Case Name: M/A Com-Phi v. WCAB Date: 07/29/1998
Note: WCAB had duty to develop record and show surveillance film to defense.
Citation: 65 Cal.App.4th 1020, 63 CCC 821
WCC Citation: WCC 25561998 CA
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