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Friday, August 26, 2016

Annual Pain Management Conference

WorkCompCentral's Annual Pain Management Training will cover the most vital issues in pain and pain management for 2017, as well as those arising for 2018. Vital skills, tools and medical updates will be provided to the entire spectrum of work comp professionals, including AMEs, QMEs, attorneys, adjusters, risk managers and employers. Seating is limited for this very special annual event in Los Angeles.


Dr. Ian Armstrong
"Spinal Surgery - When is Surgery Necessary?"
-Leading cause of disability between 30 to 60 year olds are spinal injuries
-Indications for spinal injuries
-Optimal times for surgery

Dr. Yuri Falkenstein
"Pain management and optimizing outcomes in the post-operative spine patient"
- Acute pain management after surgery
- Transitioning from using chronic pain medications
- Improving functional outcomes through physical therapy and rehabilitation
- Improving long term outcomes and return to work

Dr. Gary Bennett
"Current Trends in the Management of Chronic Pain"
- Prevalence and social impact of chronic pain
- Safe use of opioids in pain management as well as alternative treatments

Dr. Andrew Rah
"Lumbar Stenosis"
- Lumbar stenosis is a common condition, especially in the middle ages and senior years, resulting in back and lower extremity symptoms.
- Treatments span from non-operative to operative depending on response to treatment and severity of symptoms.

Dr. Stuart Lonky
"GI Impairments"
- Examples of upper and lower GI impairments induced through the use of medications used to treat both acute and chronic pain
- Complications, both from a scientific and a "medical practice" perspective
- How evaluating and treating internal medicine specialists should be managing these problems

Dr. Kamyar Assil
"Conservative Management"
- Improving the quality of life for patients
- Forms of conservative management before considering surgery as a viable option
- Focus on each individual from a physical, mental and spiritual level to provide patients with function in normal day-to-day life

To register, please visit the website or call the number below!

Time: 8:30 am3:30 pm

Website: https://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/course/course_pk/1083

Contact: (805) 484-0333 | support@workcompcentral.com

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