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Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018 Litigation and Case Law Update


Strict Rating - Common Mistakes
- Rating Spinal injuries (Ch. 15)
- Upper Extremities (Ch.16) Example: 6% or 15% for Shoulder Surgery
- Lower Extremities (Ch. 17)
- Central Nervous System (Ch. 13)

Case Law Update on Strict and Rebuttal Rating
- Recent Developments Re: Guzman Rebuttals
- Litigation Unique Issues Under the AMA Guides Diabetes, Asbestosis, Heart Failure (psych or physical injury or both)
- Chronic Pain Syndromes
- Kite: when to add or combine

LC 4662, Sleep, Sex, & Psych Injuries & Apportionment
- LC 4662 – Does it have anything to do with the AMA Guides
- Why did the Legislature Significantly Change LC 4662? And what does that have to do with apportionment?
- Why do VR experts need to “consider” apportionment in LC 4662 cases?
- LC 4660.1 – What changed and what stayed the same re Sex, Sleep & Psych?
- Current trends in case law re apportionment – Hargreaves case, Rice case,
- Top 10 Litigation Tips – AMA Guides

Nailing the Doctor’s Depos-Use of AMA Guides
- Doctor’s training with the AMA Guides
- Rating of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Use of computer Software?
- Range of Motion Measurements
- ROM v. DRE
- Impact of Injury on ADLs

Time: 8:00 am2:30 pm

Website: https://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/course/course_pk/1112

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Location: The Grand 4101 East Willow Street, Long Beach, CA

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