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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Webinar - Life After Settlement: What You May Not Know

Free Monthly Webinar: March 2018


Many organizations speak of advocacy for injured workers, but fail to think about what happens to them after settlement. Many organizations don't understand the complexities and obligations that come with a settlement, and what is required of injured workers once they settle. While a strong focus is put on advocacy during the settlement process, not much thought is given to what happens after. During this webinar we will discuss life after settlement for injured workers, what resources are available to them, and how all parties to a settlement can ensure workers are taken care of.

Learning Objectives:

1. What injured workers may have faced in the workers’ compensation system, and the fresh start that settlement may mean for them (freedom to treat, more control, return to health)

2. Learn the daily struggles injured workers may encounter after settlement including ensuring they are being billed appropriately, making sure their funds don’t exhaust, tracking and reporting their expenses properly.

3. In the case of a Medicare set aside, how injured workers must maintain compliance with CMS and stick to their 6 main guidelines:
- Deposit the fund into an interest-bearing account
- Use the fund only for treatments related to the injury
- Use the fund only for Medicare covered expenses
- Pay according to the appropriate fee schedule
- Prepare and submit annual accounting report to CMS
- Maintain line item detail for the duration of eligibility

4. What resources injured workers have after settlement versus before they settle (before settlement can turn to their nurse case manager, attorney or their adjuster, after settlement all of these resources disappear)

5. How all parties in the workers’ compensation industry and can contribute to true advocacy and make sure injured parties have the resources they need after settlement


Johnny Meyer - Settlement Advisors Manager - Ametros Financial
Melissa Wright - Marketing Manager - Ametros Financial

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Time: 11:00 am12:00 pm

Website: https://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/course/course_pk/1151

Contact: (805) 484-0333 | support@workcompcentral.com

Location: Webinar, N/A, CA

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