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Online Petition Calls for DWC to Allow Remote Evaluations for QMEs

  • State: California
  • Topic: WEST
  • - Average time spent on item: 49 minutes
  • - Popular with: Legal
An online petition asks California workers’ compensation officials to allow qualified med…

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Cheryl Chicaul-Sanchez Mar 25, 2020 a 7:46 am PDT

In most cases a physical exam is required but this could be accomplished in the office with an NP and the physician observing via Skype. While it does not eliminate all exposure, it cuts it down.

Appointments would need to be spaced out so IWs are not sitting in a waiting room being exposed to other potential carriers.

Interpreters could Skype into exam as well

There is a way, there just needs to be the political will to make it work.

Brad Wixen Mar 24, 2020 a 9:03 am PDT

Only for psyche. But even there, observation of the applicant over time is crucial including body movements, etc. Sorry, but otherwise all parties deserve full examination of the applicant. Not a good idea. How could they possibly comply with all of the AMA requirements?

Modesto Diaz Mar 24, 2020 a 10:03 am PDT

The "eyeball" test has not been determined to be substantial evidence. This is ridiculous. Modesto Diaz

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