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Today is Tuesday, September 22, 2020 -

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Sheriff's Ban on Masks Likely to Lead to More Comp Claims, Some Say

  • State: Florida
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First responders' attorneys are warning that a Florida sheriff's ban on face masks will lead…

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H Aug 14, 2020 a 7:08 am PDT

The fact, in 2020, that 'masks' in time of plague has become a 'political divisive' issue is in itself one of the greatest political scandals of all time.
Well; maybe not of "all time;" we might just as easily see a return of the post of 'Witchfinder General' too.*

*See Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft, John Stearne, 1648; and Sts. 33 Hen. VIII c.8 [See also the Lauues and Libertyes of Massachusetts, 1647; Capital Lawes, 2.]

H Aug 14, 2020 a 8:08 am PDT

The above post is by me, H. George Kagan; don't know why I'm shown only as H: I do not need to 'mask' my identity! LOL

Marko Vucurevic Aug 14, 2020 a 12:08 pm PDT

I find it ironic that he claims to want to improve communication when it is clear that he only hears what he wants to hear in the first place.

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