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CompCalc Windows 10 Release Date Announced!!

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Sacramento, Ca (August 1, 2017) --The Law Office of Richard Montarbo (MontarboLaw.com) announced that the CompCalc for Windows 10 users will be available for FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD at the Windows Store beginning August 1, 2017. The CompCalc Windows rounds out the CompCalc family of California Workers’ Compensation Rating Tools developed by Montarbo, which includes versions for the iPhone/iPad & Mac Computers available at the App Store, and Goggle/Android devices at Google Play. 

When asked about the development and testing, Richard Montarbo said, “oh we put it through a full battery of computer and user testing, but because the algorithms are the identical to other versions which have an extensive install base, we feel confident the CompCalc Windows will perform flawlessly…and there is no risk since we are offering it on a free trial basis”.    Montarbo added, “the Windows 10 version is written using the new ‘Universal Windows Platform’ (UWP) which takes full advantage of the enhanced speed and advanced graphics of Windows 10.”  “This was my first involvement with Microsoft and their App Developers’ Support Division, and they were amazing in all respects,” commented Richard.  “Given the complexity and magnitude of the project I could not have completed it without my Development Team and the CompCalc Beta Test Team”, added Richard.  

When pressed on his for goals for the CompCalc Windows, Richard replied, “My focus with the CompCalc Windows is the same as with earlier versions…make it intuitive and simple to use, but inexpensive to own…you know like our tag line…‘The Complex made Simple…’.”  “The biggest difference between the CompCalc and other rating tools,” said Richard, “is ease of use and once installed, there is no need for the internet…that means fast, stable calculations without data usage charges”.  “The coolest part for me as a programmer/developer was the improved graphics, which includes 3D and animation, a part of the UWP in the Windows 10 environment”.

From a review of the basic features and function a user will find a simple to use and intuitive PD Rating App with user selected Combined Value Equation, and individual rating string Apportionment Modifier.  The CompCalc also includes an electronic indemnity chart for PD/TD/Life Pension for all dates of Injury.  The CompCalc also include a Present Value/Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for awards of Total Disability and Life Pension.  The CompCalc Windows for Windows 10 users is offered on a FREE TRIAL BASIS and available now at the Windows Store. This App is a must have for all Workers’ Compensation Claim Professional, Attorneys, AME/QMEs, and Judges, and available now for the iPhone/iPad/Mac Computer at the App Store, Google/Droid devices at Google Play, and now Windows 10 Computer Users!




TEMPORARY DISABILITY with Period Calculator







New for 2017: The CompCalc Plus 2017 & CompCalc Windows are updated with the 2017 indemnity figures for calculation of PD and TD. Additionally, the CompCalc Plus 2017 also provides for saving/printing/emailing not only ratings, but now also Present Value/COLA calculation for awards of Total Disability/Life Pensions. We have also provided for a direct override by the user for weekly rate for TD and PD either by inputting the AWW for calculation of the appropriate TD/PD weekly rates or by simply inputting the TD/PD weekly rate where known. Additionally, on the PD indemnity module we added the option for the user to select combine value calculation allowing the user to input up to eight PD percentages.  Further, given the DOI and max rate is applied, or the user may imput AWW for calculation of the final PD after application of the Combined Value Equation. Last, we have updated our support and training videos, allowing mastery of the CompCalc Plus 2017 by viewing three short training videos taking less than 15 minutes!!

Standard Features: All Version of the CompCalc Plus 2017, and CompCalc Windows also includes a full PD rating schedule which automatically creates a rating string adjusting the WPI given the Part of Body, Age, Occupation, and DFEC. The CompCalc also incorporates a relational database for Occupation and Part of Body making input intuitive and simple.

All Versions of the CompCalc Plus 2017 and CompCalc Windows also includes a California Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Calculator that calculates Permanent Disability, Temporary Disability, Life Pension, Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits and Death Benefits, for the given date of industrial injury.                    

Also, the CompCalc calculates TD liability for a given period based on the default max weekly rate for the date of industrial injury or a TD rate based on AWW manually imputed, or actual TD rate where known. The CompCalc also provides Life Expectancy given the current age and based upon the 2010 U.S. Life Table as provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Other features also include a Date Calculator, full listing of QME/Body Codes and full access to support and training videos.

Bio: Richard Montarbo is a graduate of the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and holds degrees in Business Economics and computer science. Mr. Montarbo is the architect behind Current Issues, Workers’ Compensation Conference, is a frequent speaker and presenter at various Worker's Compensation conferences, and is the author and editor of the Work Comp Index, a Lexis/Nexus publication. Mr. Montarbo is a Certified Specialists in the field of California Workers’ Compensation Law and has for over 26 years exclusively represented defendants in Workers’ Compensation and Labor litigation. Mr. Montarbo was also an adjunct professor at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

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