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Ametros Launches New Health Navigator Service for Injured Parties

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Ametros Announces Hire of Vice President of Pharmacy and Managed Care and Director of ClinicalSolu ons to Form Health Navigator Service for Injured Par es

WILMINGTON, MASS. (April 12, 2018) – Ametros has announced the hire of Chris Lagnese and Phyllis Ramonde a, RN, BS, CCM, CLCP, MSCC, CLNC, to lead a new service o ering, Health Navigator, within Ametros.

Ramonde a and Lagnese will be focusing primarily on leading and developing a Health Naviga on team to provide injured par es with post-se lement resources to be er understand their medical care and treatment, provide opportuni es for savings to extend the life of medical funds received from a se lement, and to provide 1-on-1 clinical a en on and advocacy a er they se le their cases.

Ametros provides post-se lement solu ons for injured par es to help manage their medical care once they se le, which can include a Medicare Set Aside or any other allocated medical se lement funds related to a workers’ compensa on or liability case. Ametros puts a high focus on providing resources and support so that injured par es can make the most informed decisions possible. The introduc on of Health Navigator provides injured par es with more personalized 1-on-1 resources to manage their medical care post-se lement.

Chris Lagnese will be Ametros’ Vice President of Pharmacy and Managed Care and is a pharmacist with more than 25 years of experience managing pharmacy bene t administra on and related services. His management and opera onal experience includes both large pharmacy chain providers as well as pharmacy bene t managers. Chris brings exper se in group bene ts, consumer savings programs and workers’ compensa on. He is a member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and Na onal Council for Prescrip on Drug Programs.

Lagnese will be focused on diversifying and building Ametros’ medical networks to con nue
to provide injured par es (members) with the best prices and discounts on treatments and prescrip ons. He will also work to help members iden fy areas where they could save more on their medical treatments and provide them with resources to help them make more informed choices as they navigate a complicated healthcare world a er se lement.

Ramonde a will be Ametros’ Director of Clinical Solu ons and is a registered nurse and legal nurse consultant with a clinical background in occupa onal health, case management and catastrophic injury. She is an expert in the eld of workers’ compensa on and maintains cer ca ons in Case Management, Life Care Planning, Legal Nurse Consul ng and Medicare Set Aside Consul ng. Ra- monde a’s exper se in the medical, claim and legal aspects of a case means she is uniquely quali- ed to provide medical insight for a broad range of cases.

Ramonde a will be working to build Ametros’ in-house team of nurses providing care coordina on to Ametros’ members. She will be focused on providing quality clinical support for injured par es and their families, promo ng wellness for Ametros’ members, and ensuring members fully under- stand their treatment plans and the op ons available to them.

By providing a team to give insight into medical care and treatment plans and to guide members through complex medical issues, Health Navigator can help reduce the burden on injured par- es and allow them to focus on returning to health, while receiving personalized a en on with a dedicated in-house nurse. Ametros’ Health Naviga on team will be available to members through online chat, email, and by phone.

“We’re excited to begin to o er our members and partners more comprehensive solu ons and sup- port when it comes to se lement,” says Marques Torbert, CEO of Ametros. “Historically there have not been post-se lement clinical resources for injured par es. While many professional administra- tors focus solely on compliance, we take a holis c approach when working with our members. We ensure compliance, but we also think about how we can help them save money and live happier, healthier, and more produc ve lives. This approach leads to be er outcomes and se lements for all par es involved.”

In addi on to all the bene ts Ametros currently provides, the Health Naviga on team will deliver experienced in-house nursing and pharmacy resources for their members and referral partners,including:

An in-person nurse consulta on at se lement which includes 1-on-1 wellness planning Ongoing dedicated nurse and pharmacy resources readily available
Monthly nurse check-ins
Annual prescrip on reviews for safety and savings assessment

Annual nancial planning analysis
Specialty opioid / rehabilita on management by a nurse upon request

About Ametros

Ametros is the industry leader in post-se lement medical administra on and a trusted partner
for thousands of members receiving funds from workers’ compensa on and liability se lements. Founded in 2010, Ametros provides post-se lement medical management services with signi cant medical and pharmacy discounts along with automated payment technology and Medicare re- por ng tools. Headquartered just north of Boston in Wilmington, Massachuse s, Ametros may be reached at 877.275.7415 or via www.ametroscards.com. For more informa on about the Health Navigator o ering, please contact Melissa Wright at 978.381. 4329 or mwright@ametroscards.com.

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