California Insurance Codes 1063.74

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§ 1063.74 CIGA Authority for Special Bond Assessments

(a) Notwithstanding any other limits on assessments, CIGA shall have the authority to levy upon member insurers special bond assessments in the amount necessary to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds, and to meet other requirements established by agreements relating to the bonds. The assessments shall be collected only from the member insurers providing workers' compensation insurance, in the same manner as separate premium payments are used to pay the claims and costs allocated to that category pursuant to Section 1063.5. Special bond assessments made pursuant to this section shall also be subject to the surcharge provisions in Sections 1063.14 and 1063.145.

(b) In addition to the special bond assessments provided for in this section, the board in its discretion and subject to other obligations of the association, may utilize current funds of CIGA, premium assessments made under Section 1063.5, and advances ordividends received from the liquidators of insolvent insurers to pay the principal and interest on any bonds issued at the board's request and shall utilize, to the extent feasible, the recoveries from the liquidators of the estates of insolvent workers' compensation carriers to pay bonds issued at the board's request to fund workers' compensation claims.

Added by Stats 2003, Chap 635 (effective 1/1/04)