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§ California Insurance Guarantee Association

(a) Within 60 days after the original effective date of this

article, all insurers, including reciprocal insurers, admitted to transact insurance in this state of any or all of the following classes only in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 100) of Part 1 of this division: fire (see Section 102), marine (see Section 103), plate glass (see Section 107), liability (see Section 108), workers' compensation (see Section 109), common carrier liability (see Section 110), boiler and machinery (see Section 111), burglary (see Section 112), sprinkler (see Section 114), team and vehicle (see Section 115), automobile (see Section 116), aircraft (see Section 118), and miscellaneous (see Section 120), shall establish the California Insurance Guarantee Association (the association); provided, however, this article shall not apply to the following classes or kinds of insurance: life and annuity (see Section 101), title (see Section 104), fidelity or surety including fidelity or surety bonds, or any other bonding obligations (see Section 105), disability or health (see Section 106), credit (see Section 113), mortgage (see Section 117), mortgage guaranty, insolvency or legal (see Section 119), financial guaranty or other forms of insurance offering protection against investment risks (see Section 124), the ocean marine portion of any marine insurance or ocean marine coverage under any insurance policy including the following: the Jones Act (46 U.S.C. Sec. 688), the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (33 U.S.C. Sec. 901 et seq.), or any other similar federal statutory enactment, or any endorsement or policy affording protection and indemnity coverage, or reinsurance as defined in Section 620, or fraternal fire insurance written by associations organized and operating under Sections 9080 to 9103, inclusive. Any insurer admitted to transact only those classes or kinds of insurance excluded from this article shall not be a member insurer of the association. Each such insurer, including the State Compensation Insurance Fund, as a condition of its authority to transact insurance in this state, shall participate in the association whether established voluntarily or by order of the commissioner after the elapse of 60 days following the original effective date of this article in accordance with rules to be established as provided in this article. It shall be the purpose of the association to provide for each member insurer insolvency insurance as defined in Section 119.5.