California Labor Codes 139.49

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§ 139.49 Report on Return-to-Work Program

(a) The administrative director shall contract with an independent research organization to conduct a study and issue a report on the Return-to-Work Program established in Section 139.48. The study shall examine at least two years' operation of the program and shall address all of the following:

(1) The effectiveness of the wage reimbursement, workplace modification expense reimbursement, and premium reimbursement components of the program. (2) The rate of participation by insured and self-insured employers, including information on the size and industry of employers. (3) Comparison of rates of utilization of modified and alternative work before and after establishment of the program and evaluation of whether there is an increase in sustained return to work. (4) The impact of the program on injured employees. (5) The cost-effectiveness of the program. (6) Identification of potential future funding mechanisms for the program.

(b) On or before January 1, 2008, the administrative director shall make the report available to the public and the Legislature.

(c) This section shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2009, and as of that date is repealed, unless a later enacted statute, that is enacted before January 1, 2009, deletes or extends that date.