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§ 78 Review of Grant Applications


(a) The commission shall review and approve applications from employers and employee organizations, as well as applications submitted jointly by an employer organization and an employee organization, for grants to assist in establishing effective occupational injury and illness prevention programs. The commission shall establish policies for the evaluation of these applications and shall give priority to applications proposing to target high-risk industries and occupations, including those with high injury or illness rates, and those in which employees are exposed to one or more hazardous substances or conditions or where there is a demonstrated need for research to determine effective strategies for the prevention of occupational illnesses or injuries.

(b) Civil and administrative penalties assessed and collected pursuant to Sections 129.5 and 4628 shall be deposited in the Workers' Compensation Administration Revolving Fund. Moneys in the fund, when appropriated by the Legislature to fund the grants under subdivision (a) and other activities and expenses of the commission set forth in this code, shall be expended by the department, upon approval by the commission.