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§ Definitions

For purposes of this Article and Section 123.6 of the Labor Code, the following definitions shallapply:

(a) 'Code' shall mean the Code of Judicial Conduct. When the Supreme Court adopts a Code ofJudicial Ethics pursuant to Article VI, section 18(m), of the Constitution, 'Code' shall mean theCode of Judicial Ethics and any subsequent revision thereof.

(b) 'Committee' shall mean the Workers' Compensation Ethics Advisory Committee as specifiedin Section 9722 of these regulations.

(c) 'Complaint' shall mean a statement alleging facts that, if true, might constitute misconduct.

(d) 'Misconduct' shall mean any conduct of a referee that is contrary to the Code or to the otherrules of conduct that apply to referees.

(e) 'Referee' shall mean a worker's compensation referee employed by the administrativedirector pursuant to Section 123.5 of the Labor Code. The term includes Presiding Workers'Compensation Referees, Regional Managers (Claims Adjudication), the Assistant Chief, theAdministrative Director and any other person, including pro tem referees and state employees,while they are exercising judicial or quasi-judicial powers.