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§ 9768.6 Administrative Director's Action on Contract Application Submitted by Physician

(a) After reviewing a completed contract application submitted by a physician, if the Administrative Director finds that the physician meets the qualifications, he/she shall accept the contract application made by the physician to be an Independent Medical Reviewer by executing the IMR contract, notify the physician by mail, and add the physician's name to the list of Independent Medical Reviewers. The contract term shall be for a two-year term beginning with the date of acceptance by the Administrative Director.

(b) If the Administrative Director determines that a physician does not meet the qualifications, he/she shall notify the physician by mail that the physician's contract application is not accepted and the reason for the rejection.

(c) A physician whose contract application has not been accepted may reapply.

(d) If the Administrative Director denies a physician's contract application following at least two subsequent submissions, the physician may seek further review of the Administrative Director's decision by filing an appeal with the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, and serving a copy on the Administrative Director, within twenty days after receipt of the denial.

Authority: Sections 133 and 4616, Labor Code.

Reference: Sections 4616.4 and 5300(f), Labor Code.

New section added 12/31/04, Final regulation approved by OAL 6/10/05 as amended