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§ 9776 Workplace Safety and Health

(a) The HCO must maintain the capability to work cooperatively and in conjunction with claims administrators, employers, and employees to promote workplace health and safety and to detect workplace exposures and hazards, including:

 (1) education of employees and employers on health and medical aspects of workplace health and safety issues;  (2) consultation on employee medical screening for early detection of occupational disease, and assessment of workplace risk factors.

 (b) An HCO shall include in contracts with claims administrators a provision which enables the HCO to obtain upon request information to allow appropriate provider decision-making regarding diagnoses, patient medical restrictions, early disease detection, or return-to-work, which may include:  (1) the employer's written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, including the name and title of individual responsible for implementing the plan.  (2) information concerning exposure levels for specified materials, and information, including Material Safety Data Sheets, concerning health, safety, and ergonomic risk factors in the workplace.  (3) the name and title of the individual responsible for loss control services for each employer.

 (c) The HCO shall have in place a program for prompt reporting, to the employer or insurer loss control program and to the employer's designee responsible for the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, of the following occupational injuries and illnesses: occupational asthma; cumulative trauma disorders of the upper extremities; lead poisoning; amputations (excluding amputations of the distal phalanges); noise-induced hearing loss; pesticide illness; electrocutions; asphyxiation; and burns and fal ls from heights requiring hospitalization.

 (d) The HCO shall annually report to the insurer loss control program or to the employer's designee responsible for the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan as designated in the contract between the HCO and the claims administrator, aggregate data on injuries and illnesses.