Florida Regulations 59A-24.004

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§ 59A-24.004 Drugs to be Tested/Body Specimens.

(I) Notwithstanding the definition of drug in section 112.0455(5)(a), F.S., the only hallucinogen to be tested for is phencyciidine (PCP), the only synthetic narcotics to be tested for are methadone and propoxyphene, and there will be no designer drugs tested for until standard testing procedures are developed for such drugs.

(2) Body Specimens

(a) Urine. Urine will be used for the initial test for all drugs except alcohol and for the confirmation for all drugs except alcohol.

(b) Blood. Blood will be used as the initial and confirmation specimen for alcohol.

Specific Authority 112.0455(13)(a),F.S. Law Implemented I 12.0455,F.S. History New 3-15-90, Amended 6-28-91, Formerly 1 OE-18.004, Amended 5-1-96.