Florida Regulations 69L-24.021

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§ 69L-24.021 Minimum Performance Standards.

A ninety percent (90%) rate of compliance is the minimum standard of performance for carriers, self-insurers, employers and servicing agents in each of the following areas: timeliness in which they report and handle claims; promptness of payment of compensation benefits; and payment and disposition of medical bills. The 90% performance rate applies to all applicable carriers, self-insurers, employers, and servicing agents who are subject to the following rules: Chapter 69L-3, F.A.C.; Chapter 69L-7, F.A.C.; or Chapter 38F-8, F.A.C.

Specific Authority 440.20(8)(c), 440.13(11)(b), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.20, 440.13(11) FS. History-New 8-29-94, Formerly 38F-24.021, 4L-24.021.