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§ 69L-29.001 Definitions

69L-29.001 Definitions.

(1) �Certified health care provider� or �certified provider� is as defined in Section 440.13(1)(d), F.S.

(2) �Certification� is the process through which a health care provider is approved as eligible to receive reimbursement for services rendered under Chapter 440, F.S., upon completion of the Division�s Health Care Provider Certification Tutorial by correctly answering 95% of the tutorial review questions.

(3) �Deemed certified� is the status of a health care provider not required to complete the Health Care Provider Tutorial pursuant to this rule chapter.

(4) �Division� is defined in Section 440.02(14), F.S.

(5) �Emergency services and care� is as defined in Section 440.13(1)(f), F.S.

(6) �Health care facility� is as defined in Section 440.13(1)(g), F.S.

(7) �Health care provider� or �provider� is as defined in Section 440.13(1)(h), F.S.

(8) �Health Care Provider Certification List� or �Certification List� is the Division�s electronic database of providers certified pursuant to this Rule Chapter.

(9) �Health Care Provider Certification Tutorial� or �HCP Tutorial� https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-01705, hereby incorporated by reference in this rule chapter, is the electronic tool used by the Division to educate providers on Chapter 440, F.S., and applicable administrative rules that govern the provision of medical treatment and services under the Florida Workers� Compensation health care delivery system. The HCP Tutorial is also the tool by which the Division documents a provider�s familiarity with applicable provisions of the statute and administrative rules for certification pursuant to this rule chapter.

(10) �Physician� is as defined in Section 440.13(1)(q), F.S.

(11) �Recognized practitioner� is a non-physician health care provider licensed by the Department of Health (hereinafter �DOH�) who works under the protocol of a physician or who, upon referral from a physician, can render direct billable services independent of the supervision of a physician.

(13) �Revocation� means Department�s action to remove a provider�s name from the Certification List.

(13) �Nursing Home Facility� is a health care facility licensed under Chapter 400, F.S.

(14) �Home Health Agency� is a health care facility licensed under Chapter 400, F.S.

(15) �Home Medical Equipment Provider� or �HME Provider� is a health care facility licensed under Chapter 400, F.S.

Rulemaking Authority 440.13(3)(a), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.13(3), (13) FS. History�New 3-14-95, Formerly 38F-53.001, 59A-29.001, Amended 2-6-13.