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§ 69L-56.001 Forms and Instructions.


The following forms are incorporated herein by reference and adopted for use in filing Proof of Coverage (POC) and Claims (non-medical) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions to the Division. All of the forms may be obtained from the Division of Workers' Compensation at its website, http://www.fldfs.com/wc/edi.html.

(1) DFS-F5-DWC-EDI-1, "EDI Trading Partner Profile" (10/01/2006).

(2) DFS-F5-DWC-EDI-2, "EDI Trading Partner Insurer/Claim Administrator ID List" (10/01/2006).

(3) DFS-F5-DWC-EDI-2A, "EDI Trading Partner Claim Administrator Address List" (10/01/2006).

(4) DFS-F5-DWC-EDI-3, "EDI Transmission Profile-Sender's Specifications" (10/01/2006).

(5) DFS-F5-DWC-EDI-4, Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Instructions (10/01/2006).

Specific Authority 440.591, 440.593(5) FS. Law Implemented 440.593 FS. History-New 3-5-02, Formerly 38F-56.001, 4L-56.001, Amended 5-29-05, 1-7-07 .