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§ 263.12.070 Granting the appeal.

If the appeal is not disposed of pursuant to WAC 263-12-065, the appeal shall be granted and proceedings scheduled. The board shall forthwith notify all interested parties of the receipt and granting of the appeal, and shall forward a copy thereof to the other interested parties. If the board takes no action upon the appeal within the time allowed by RCW 51.52.090, it shall be deemed to have been granted.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. 91-13-038, &#167 263-12-070, filed 6/14/91, effective 7/15/91; Order 7, &#167 263-12-070, filed 4/4/75; Order 4, &#167 263-12-070, filed 6/9/72; Rule 5.5, filed 6/12/63. Formerly WAC 296-12-070.]