Washington Regulations 263.12.080

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§ 263.12.080 Correction and amendment of notice.

If any notice of appeal is found by the board to be defective or insufficient, the board may require the party filing said notice of appeal to correct, clarify or amend the same to conform to the requirements of the statute and the board's rules. The board may refuse to schedule any conference or hearing thereon until compliance with such requirement, or may issue an order providing for the denial or dismissal of such appeal upon failure to comply within a specified time.

Any party may amend his or her notice of appeal on such terms as the industrial appeals judge may prescribe, and the industrial appeals judge may, when deemed necessary, in justice to all parties, require correction, clarification or amendment of a notice of appeal before allowing any hearing thereon to proceed, or may issue an order requiring such correction, clarification or amendment to be made within a specified time, and if such requirement is not complied with, the board may dismiss the appeal.