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§ 263.12.117 Perpetuation depositions.

(1) Evidence by deposition. The industrial appeals judge may permit or require the perpetuation of testimony by deposition, subject to the applicable provisions of WAC 263-12-115. Such ruling may only be given after the industrial appeals judge gives due consideration to: (a) The complexity of the issues raised by the appeal; (b) the desirability of having the witness's testimony presented at a hearing; (c) the costs incurred by the parties in complying with the ruling; and (d) The fairness to the parties in complying with the ruling. The industrial appeals judge may require that depositions be taken and published within prescribed time limits, which time limits may be extended by the industrial appeals judge for good cause. Each party shall bear its own costs except when appropriate and requested by a party, the industrial appeals judge may allocate costs to parties or their representatives. If the deposition is not transcribed in a reproducible format it may be excluded from the record.

(2) Procedure at deposition. Unless the parties stipulate or the industrial appeals judge determines otherwise all depositions permitted to be taken for the perpetuation of testimony shall be taken subject to the following conditions: (a) That all motions and objections, whether to form or otherwise, shall be raised at the time of the deposition and if not raised at such time shall be deemed waived; (b) that all exhibits shall be marked and identified at the time of the deposition and, if offered into evidence, appended to the deposition; (c) that the deposition be published without necessity of further conference or hearing at the time it is received by the industrial appeals judge; (d) that all motions, including offers to admit exhibits and objections raised at the time of the deposition, shall be ruled upon by the industrial appeals judge in the proposed decision and order; and (e) that the deposition may be appended to the record as part of the transcript, and not as an exhibit, without the necessity of being retyped into the record.

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