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§ 263.12.135 Record.

The record in any contested case shall consist of the order of the department, the notice of appeal therefrom, all orders issued by the board (including litigation orders and judge's report of proceeding), responsive pleadings, if any, and notices of appearances, and any other written applications, motions, stipulations or requests duly filed by any party. Such record shall also include all depositions, the transcript of testimony and other proceedings at the hearing, together with all exhibits offered. No part of the department's record or other documents shall be made part of the record of the board unless offered in evidence.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. 00-23-021, &#167 263-12-135, filed 11/7/00, effective 12/8/00; Order 4, &#167 263-12-135, filed 6/9/72; Rule 8.2, filed 6/12/63; Rule 6.2, filed 3/23/60, amended by General Order 3, Rule 8.2, filed 10/29/65. Formerly WAC 296-12-135.]