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§ 263.12.195 Significant decisions.

(1) The board's publication "Significant Decisions," prepared pursuant to RCW 51.52.160, contains the decisions or orders of the board which it considers to have an analysis or decision of substantial importance to the board in carrying out its duties. Together with the indices of decision maintained pursuant to WAC 263-12-016(4), "Significant Decisions" shall serve as the index required by RCW 42.17.260 (4)(b) and (c).

(2) The board selects the decisions or orders to be included in "Significant Decisions" based on recommendations from staff and the public. Generally, a decision or order is considered "significant" only if it provides a legal analysis or interpretation not found in existing case law, or applies settled law to unusual facts. Decisions or orders may be included which demonstrate the application of a settled legal principle to varying fact situations or which reflect the further development of, or continued adherence to, a legal principle previously recognized by the board. Nominations of decisions or orders for inclusion in "Significant Decisions" should be submitted in writing to the executive secretary.

(3) "Significant Decisions" consists of microfilmed copies of the decisions and orders identified as significant and headnotes summarizing the proposition or propositions for which the board considers the decisions or orders "significant." Indices are also provided to identify each decision or order by name and by subject. Permanent revisions and additions to "Significant Decisions" are prepared annually. A cumulative supplement is prepared annually between permanent updates and is provided to subscribers of "Significant Decisions." The cumulative supplement contains decisions or orders identified by the board as "significant" in the interim between permanent updates.

(4) Copies of "Significant Decisions" and permanent updates are available to the public at cost. Requests for information concerning the purchase of "Significant Decisions" should be directed to the executive secretary.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. 91-13-038, &#167 263-12-195, filed 6/14/91, effective 7/15/91.]