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§ Administrative and civil penalties

(a) The administrative director shall assess an administrative penalty against an insurer, self-insured employer, or third-party administrator for any of the following:

(1) Failure to comply with the notice of assessment issued pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 129 within 15 days of receipt. (2) Failure to pay when due the undisputed portion of an indemnity payment, the reasonable cost of medical treatment of an injured worker, or a charge or cost of implementing an approved vocational rehabilitation plan. (3) Failure to comply with any rule or regulation of the administrative director.

(b) The administrative director shall promulgate regulations establishing a schedule of violations and the amount of the administrative penalty to be imposed for each type of violation. The schedule shall provide for imposition of a penalty of up to one hundred dollars ($100) for each violation of the least serious type and for imposition of penalties in progressively higher amounts for more serious types of violations, with the penalty for the most serious types of violations to be set at up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) per violation. The administrative director is authorized to impose penalties pursuant to rules and regulations which give due consideration to the appropriateness of the penalty with respect to the following factors: (1) The gravity of the violation. (2) The good faith of the insurer, self-insured employer, or third-party administrator. (3) The history of previous violations, if any. (4) The frequency of the violations.

(c) The notice of penalty assessment shall be served personally or by registered mail in accordance with subdivision (c) of Section 11505 of the Government Code. The notice shall be in writing and shall describe the nature of the violation, including reference to the statutory provision or rule or regulation alleged to have been violated. The notice shall become final and the assessment shall be paid unless contested within 15 days of receipt by the insurer, self-insured employer, or third-party administrator.

(d) In addition to the penalty assessment permitted by subdivision (a), the administrative director may assess a civil penalty, not to exceed one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), upon finding, after hearing, that an employer, insurer, or third-party administrator for an employer has knowingly committed and has performed with a frequency as to indicate a general business practice any of the following: (1) Induced employees to accept less than compensation due, or made it necessary for employees to resort to proceedings against the employer to secure compensation due. (2) Refused to comply with known and legally indisputable compensation obligations. (3) Discharged or administered compensation obligations in a dishonest manner. (4) Discharged or administered compensation obligations in a manner as to cause injury to the public or those dealing with the employer or insurer. Upon a second or subsequent finding, the administrative director shall refer the matter to the Insurance Commissioner or Director of Industrial Relations and request that a hearing be conducted to determine whether the certificate of authority, certificate of consent to self-insure, or certificate of consent to administer claims of self-insured employer, as the case may be, should be revoked.

(e) An insurer, self-insured employer, or third-party administrator may file a written request for a conference with the administrative director within seven days after receipt of the notice of penalty assessment issued pursuant to subdivision (a) or (d). Within 15 days of the conference, the administrative director shall issue a notice of findings and serve it upon the contesting party by registered or certified mail. Any amount found due by the administrative director shall become due and payable 30 days after receipt of the notice of findings. The 30-day period shall be tolled during any appeal. A writ of mandate may be taken from the findings to the appropriate superior court upon the execution by the contesting party of a bond to the state in the principal sum that is double the amount found due and ordered by the administrative director, on the condition that the contesting party shall pay any judgment and costs rendered against it for the amount.

(f) Nothing in this section shall create nor eliminate a civil cause of action for the employee and his or her dependents.

(g) All moneys collected under this section shall be deposited in�the State Treasury and credited to the Workplace Health and Safety�Revolving Fund.