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§ OMFS, physician's charge for testimony

(a) (1) The administrative director, after public hearings, shall adopt and revise, no less frequently than biennially, an official medical fee schedule which shall establish reasonable maximum fees paid for medical services provided pursuant to this division. No later than January 1, 1995, the administrative director shall have revised the schedule. By no later than January 1, 1995, the schedule shall include services for health care facilities licensed pursuant to Section 1250 of the Health and Safety Code, and drugs and pharmacy services. The fee schedule for health care facilities shall take into consideration cost and service differentials for various types of facilities. (2) The administrative director shall include services provided by physical therapists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners in the official fee schedule adopted and revised pursuant to paragraph (1). Nothing in this paragraph shall affect the ability of physicians to continue to be reimbursed for their services in accordance with the official medical fee schedule adopted pursuant to paragraph (1) for the provision of services within their scope of practice. (3) The administrative director shall consult with statewide professional organizations representing affected providers on the update of the official medical fee schedule.

(b) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a medical provider or a licensed health care facility from being paid by an employer or carrier fees in excess of those set forth on the official medical fee schedule, provided that the fee is: (1) Reasonable. (2) Accompanied by itemization and justified by an explanation of extraordinary circumstances related to the unusual nature of the medical services rendered. In no event shall a physician charge in excess of his or her usual fee.

(c) In the event of a dispute between the physician and the employer or carrier concerning the medical fees charged, the physician may be allowed a reasonable fee for testimony, if a physician testifies pursuant to the employer's or carrier's subpoena, and the referee determines that the medical fee charged was reasonable.

(d) Except as provided in Section 4626, the official medical fee schedule shall not apply to medical-legal expenses as defined by Section 4620.