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§ 10103 Claim Log--Contents and Maintenance

This section shall govern claim log maintenance prior to January 1, 1994.

 (a) Every claims administrator shall produce a claim log of all work-injury claims maintained at each adjusting location, prepared chronologically in alphanumeric or numeric ascending order, or in a combination thereof.

 (b) The claim log shall contain at least the following information:  (1) Name of injured.  (2) The claims administrator's claim number.  (3) Date of injury.  (4) An indication as to whether the work-injury claim is an indemnity or medical-only case.  (5) An entry if all liability for a claim has been denied.  (6) For self-insurer, when a Certificate of Consent to Self-Insure has been issued, an entry identifying the corporation employing the injured.

 (c) The claim log of a former self-insurer shall be maintained and made available to the audit unit within 5 days of request.

 (d) A claims administrator shall provide a copy of a claim log within 14 days of receiving a written request from the Administrative Director.