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§ Article 15 - Fraudulent, Misleading Advertising - Definitions.

As used in this Article:

(a) Advertising copy - includes any 'public communication' as defined in Business and Professions Code Section 651, or any other communication of any message in any form or medium regarding the availability for professional employment of any physician, which is made by or on behalf of any physician to the general public or any substantial portion thereof. Advertising concerning medical services regarding industrial injuries or illnesses which benefits any physician, and which is placed by any medical clinic, medical service organization or other non-physician third party shall be deemed advertising copy subject to these regulations.

(b) Council - means the Industrial Medical Council as defined in Labor Code Section 139.

(c) Medical Board - means the Medical Board of California as established in Business and Professions Code Section 2001.

(d) Medical Director - means the physician appointed pursuant to Labor Code Section 122 or such person as he or she may designate.

(e) Physician - has the meaning defined in Labor Code Section 3209.3.

(f) QME - means a Qualified Medical Evaluator as defined in Labor Code Section 139.2.