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§ 59A-30.006 Temporary Expert Medical Advisors.

(1) When the Agency or a judge of compensation claims requests the services or opinion of an expert medical advisor and the particular area of expertise requested is not represented among the available expert medical advisors, the Agency shall select a qualified individual upon the recommendation of a state or national medical professional organization.

(2) The selectee shall send to the Agency a copy of his/her license and board certification or verify his/her board eligibility before being assigned the status of temporary expert medical advisor.

(3) Approval to serve as a temporary expert medical advisor shall be limited to the specific case for which the services are requested.

(4) A physician who has been suspended or decertified pursuant to Chapter 59A-29, F.A.C., shall not be approved as a temporary expert medical advisor.

Specific Authority 440.13(9), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.13(9) FS. History - New 1-23-95, Formerly 38F-54.006.