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§ 59A-31.012 Joint Stipulation of the Parties.

Within fourteen (14) calendar days subsequent to service upon the Agency of the carrier response, the petitioner and carrier may serve upon the Agency a joint stipulation of the parties, mutually stipulating in writing that the reimbursement dispute be held in abeyance for a specified time period, not to exceed sixty (60) calendar days, for the parties to seek a resolution of the reimbursement dispute without the need for a determination by the Agency. Service of a joint stipulation of the parties upon the Agency shall be by one of the methods by which a petition is served upon the Agency in subsection 59A-31.008(2), F.A.C. At the conclusion of the specified time period in such joint stipulation, or upon earlier notice in writing served upon the Agency and the other party(ies) to the joint stipulation by any party to such joint stipulation that the negotiations to resolve the reimbursement dispute are at an impasse, the Agency will proceed to make a determination on the reimbursement dispute. At the time the abeyance of the dispute is concluded, the Agency will allow the parties to such joint stipulation ten (10) calendar days to serve any additional supporting documentation a party wishes to be considered in making a determination on the dispute. If a reimbursement dispute is held in abeyance pursuant to a joint stipulation of the parties, the 60-day time period for the Agency to issue a determination shall commence when the 10-day period for serving additional documentation ends.

Specific Authority 440.13(7)(e), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.13(7) FS.

History: New 11-28-06.