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(1) Pleadings. All documents filed with the OJCC or with the judge shall

(a) be typewritten or printed on 8�" by 11" unfolded white paper, unless filed by electronic transmission;

(b) be unstapled;

(c) contain the signature, or the electronic equivalent of the signature if filed electronically, of the party in interest or, if represented, the party�s attorney of record;

(d) contain the style of the proceeding; the case number, if any; the date of accident; the name of the party on whose behalf the document is filed; the subject matter of the document; and the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the party or, if represented, the party's attorney of record (including the attorney's Florida Bar number) filing the document; and

(e) contain a certificate of service representing that copies have been served on all parties or, if represented, their attorneys of record.

(2) All pleadings filed in paper form shall contain in the bottom 1 1/2 inches of each page only the following: "OJCC Case #" followed by the case number, "Bar #" followed by The Florida Bar number of the attorney or the word "none" if the party is not represented, "pleading #" followed by the title of the pleading, "page #" followed by page number, and "of #" followed by the number of pages of the pleading.

(3) Proposed Orders. Except as provided in Rule 60Q- 6.115(3), proposed orders shall not be submitted unless requested by the judge, and shall be accompanied by pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes. They shall be clearly identified as proposed orders and shall be sent to all other parties or, if represented, their attorneys of record prior to being submitted to the judge. Proposed orders shall be a separate document and not be included as a part of the request for the order. Proposed orders shall not be filed.

Specific Authority 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

Law Implemented 440.192(1), 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

History--New 2-23-03.