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(1) A judge, on the judge's own initiative or on the motion of any party, may conduct status conferences or pre-hearing conferences.

(2) At any pretrial conference necessitated by the failure

of the parties to complete a pretrial stipulation at the mediation conference, the parties shall:

(a) state and simplify the issues;

(b) stipulate to such facts and documents as will avoid unnecessary proof;

(c) examine and mark all exhibits (except for impeachment and rebuttal exhibits) for identification;

(d) furnish the opposing party with the names and addresses of all witnesses (except for impeachment and rebuttal witnesses), identifying those who will testify by telephone;

(e) exchange all available written reports of experts to be offered at trial; and

(f) consider and determine such other matters as may aid in the disposition of the case.

(3) Where mediation has been waived by the deputy chief judge, the parties shall file a pretrial stipulation that conforms to the requirements of Subsection (2) of this Rule no later than 30 days before the final hearing.

(4) Witness lists, exhibit lists, supplements, and amendments served less than 30 days before the final hearing must be approved by the judge or stipulated to by the parties.

(5) The judge shall record the pretrial hearing by stenographic or electronic means at the request of any party.

Specific Authority 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

Law Implemented 440.25(2)-(4), 440.29(2), 440.33(1), 440.45(1)(a), (4) FS.

History--New 2-23-03.