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(1) A request for a continuance shall be made by motion and shall specify the reason that the continuance is necessary.

(2) A claim or petition may be dismissed by the claimant or petitioner without an order by filing a notice of voluntary dismissal at any time before the conclusion of the final hearing. Unless otherwise stated in the notice, the dismissal is without prejudice, except that a second notice of voluntary dismissal shall operate as an adjudication of denial of any claim or petition for benefits previously the subject of a voluntary dismissal.

(3) The judge may conduct any proceedings by telephone conference. Testimony may be taken by telephone with the agreement of all parties and approval by the judge.

(4) In the event that testimony is taken by telephone, the oath shall be administered in the physi�cal presence of the witness by a notary public or officer authorized to administer oaths unless the physical presence of the notary public or officer is waived by the parties.

(5) Except as authorized by statute, the judge may enter an order reflecting the terms of any written stipulation or agreement between the parties only where one of the parties to the stipulation or agreement alleges that another party has failed or refused to comply with the stipulation or agreement and an order is necessary for immediate enforcement; otherwise, the parties shall not request that the judge approve a stipulation or agreement or reduce it to an order.

Specific Authority 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

Law Implemented 440.25(4), 440.29(2), 440.33(1), 440.45(1)(a), (4) FS.