Florida Regulations 60Q-6.122

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(1) A motion for re-hearing shall state specifically the grounds on which it is based and should not be used to re-argue issues already determined. A motion for re-hearing shall be filed and served within 10 days from the date of the order sought to be reviewed.

(2) The motion shall be limited to the following reasons:

(a) to call attention to typographical or technical errors;

(b) to challenge rulings that were outside the scope of the issues presented; or

(c) to seek clarification in matters of law or fact that the judge may have overlooked or misapprehended.

(3) A motion for re-hearing does not toll the time within which an order becomes final or an appeal may be filed.

Specific Authority 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

Law Implemented 440.45 (1)(a), (4) FS.

History--New 2-23-03.