Florida Regulations 69L-10.012

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§ 69L-10.012 Review of Proof of Claim.

The SDTF will not consider a claim ripe, or mature, for review purposes, until a Proof of Claim is filed complete with all the necessary documents required by DFS Form |^SDF-1| (Rev. 12/91). If a Proof of Claim is placed in line for review and it is discovered that certain documents or required information have not been provided by the claimant, the SDTF will advise the claimant in writing of the incomplete claim and will not review the claim until the missing information or document has been supplied by the claimant.

Specific Authority 440.49(2)(g) FS. Law Implemented 440.49(2) FS. History�New 4-19-92, Formerly 38F-10.012, 4L-10.012.