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§ 69L-11.002 Definitions.

(1) 'Regular employment' means a position with the same essential job duties as the preinjury position.

(2) 'Qualified employee' means a person who has received a permanent impairment rating from a compensable accident occurring on or after January 1, 1994, and:

(a) Is receiving supplemental income benefits payable pursuant to Section 440.15(3)(b), F.S., for a rating of 20% or greater; or (b) Has received reemployment services as defined in Section 440.491(1)(e), F.S.

(3) 'Identity Card' means the card issued by the Division showing that the person is a preferred worker.

(4) 'Continuous employment' means uninterrupted employment with a single employer for at least six months.

(5) 'Placement' means the hiring of a preferred worker who has obtained an identity card showing eligibility.

(6) 'Certification of employment' means the Identity Card signed by both the employer and the preferred worker.

(7) 'Premium' for purposes of reimbursement under this section means 'net direct written premiums' as defined in Section 631.54(8), F.S.

(8) 'Hire' means placement on the payroll for the first time.

Specific Authority 440.49, 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.49 FS. History-New 11-29-94, Formerly 38F-11.002, 4L-11.002.