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§ 69L-29.005 Revocation of Certification Status

69L-29.005 Revocation of Certification Status.

(1) The Department shall revoke a provider�s certification and shall issue a final order removing a certified provider�s name from the Certification List when any one of the following conditions occurs:

(a) The Department determines that a provider is in violation of Chapter 440, F.S., or the administrative rules adopted by the Department pursuant to Chapter 440, F.S.; or

(b) DOH changes the physician�s or recognized practitioner�s license to a status other than clear active; or

(c) AHCA revokes the facility�s license; or

(d) The certified provider fails to renew or voluntarily surrenders the applicable license issued by DOH or AHCA; or

(e) The certified provider no longer meets the eligibility requirements for being certified or deemed certified pursuant to this Rule Chapter.

(2) The provider whose certification is revoked pursuant to this section shall not be eligible for reimbursement under Chapter 440, F.S.

Rulemaking Authority 440.13(3)(a), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.13(3), (13) FS. History�New 3-14-95, Formerly 38F-53.005, 59A-29.005, Amended 2-6-13.