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§ 69L-7.604 Permanent Impairment.

(1) Determination of Physical Impairment Rating. The American Medical Association's Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 3rd Edition, (AMA Guide) (Copyright 1988 by the American Medical Association) is adopted as the schedule for determining the existence and degree of permanent impairment for all injuries prior to July 1, 1990. For injuries occurring on or after July 1, 1990, but before the effective date of the Florida Impairment Rating Guide, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Disability Schedule shall be used unless that schedule does not address an injury, in which case, the AMA Guide shall be used. For injuries occurring on or after its effective date, the Florida Impairment Rating Guide, which is adopted by reference as part of this rule, shall be used. The Florida Impairment Rating Guide shall also be known as the Florida Impairment Rating Schedule, which is the 'uniform permanent impairment rating schedule' and the 'uniform disability rating schedule' referenced in Section 440.15(3)(a)2., Florida Statutes. The impairment rating must always be applied to the body as a whole.

(2) The 1996 Florida Uniform Permanent Impairment Rating Schedule is incorporated into this rule by reference and shall be used for injuries occurring on or after its effective date.

Specific Authority 440.15(3), 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.15(3), 440.185, 440.20 FS. History-New 10-30-79, Amended 11-5-81, 6-23-82, 6-12-84, Formerly 38F-3.17, Amended 4-11-90, 1-30-91, 6-21-93, 11-8-94, 6-15-95, 1-8-97, Formerly 38F-3.017, Formerly 37F-7.604, 4L-7.604.