Florida Regulations 6A-22.003

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§ 6A-22.003 Reemployment Status Review

(1)The carrier shall conduct a reemployment status

review by completing a reemployment status review form on the DWC-22,which is incorporated by reference in Rule 6A-22.011,F.A.C. (2)The carrier shall complete form DWC-22 within 15 days of the reporting requirement deadlines set forth in Section 440.491(3)(a),F.S.,and (a)Shall retain a copy in the carrier �s file,and (b)Shall submit form DWC-22 to the Department within 15 business days of completion. Implemented 440.491 FS.History � New 7--1-96,Amended 6-26-01. Formerly 38F-55.005.