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§ 13-n Mandatory registration of entities which derive income from independent medical examinations.


1. Any entity which derives income from independent medical examinations performed in accordance with subdivision four of section thirteen-a [[[New_York_Labor_Codes_13-a| 13-a]]], subdivision three of section thirteen-k [[[New_York_Labor_Codes_13-k| 13-k]]], subdivision three of section thirteen-l [[[New_York_Labor_Codes_13-l| 13-l]]] and subdivision four of section thirteen-m [[[New_York_Labor_Codes_13-m| 13-m]]] of this article, whether by employing or contracting with independent examiners to conduct such independent medical examinations or by acting as a referral service or otherwise facilitating such examinations, shall register with the chair by filing a statement of registration containing such information prescribed by the chair in regulation. A fee may be imposed in accordance with regulations promulgated by the chair. Any such fees collected shall be used for the purpose of administering this section.

2. The chair shall assign a registration number to the entity upon registration. If an entity operates under more than one name, or in more than one location, the chair may assign a series of registration numbers which would differentiate each such sub-entity. In order to qualify as admissible medical evidence, for purposes of adjudicating any claim under this chapter, any report submitted to the board by an independent medical examiner who is employed by, or has contracted with, an entity as described in subdivision one of this section for the purpose of performing independent medical examinations, must include the registration number of such entity.

3. The chair, upon finding that an entity that derives income from independent medical examinations has materially altered an independent medical examination report, or caused such a report to be materially altered, may revoke the registration of such entity, impose a penalty not exceeding ten thousand dollars and refer the matter to the attorney general for prosecution.