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Access to the CA WCAB Panel Opinions database requires a paid subscription. Click here to access rates and to purchase a subscription. To find out more about this service, see the FAQ below.

What are CA WCAB Panel Opinions?

Every month hundreds of cases are appealed to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) in California on Petitions for Reconsideration from the trial level. Many of these cases are addressed by written opinions of a panel of three WCAB commissioners. These are the opinions that comprise WorkCompCentral's CA WCAB Panel Opinions.

I already have Lexis/Nexis (or Work Comp Reporter, or CWCR, etc.) - how is this service different?

The CA WCAB Panel Opinions service are the actual opinions issued by the WCAB, without any editorial interference at all. These are true WYSIWYG opinions from the Board. Lexis/Nexis "Writ Denied" cases are summaries prepared by their writers from briefs filed by WCAB litigants seeking appellate level review. CA WCAB Panel Opinions will be the ACTUAL opinions from which such appeals would be taken. Other publishers, such as Work Comp Reporter or CWCR provide some opinions, but with the depth and scope that WorkCompCentral does, and may heavily editorialize on the opinions. In addition, all of our CA WCAB Panel Opinions are full text searchable, meaning if you wanted to find all Panel Opinions concerning "death" that issued in the last 60 days, you can easily and quickly find them.

Can CA WCAB Panel Opinions be cited as supporting case law?

Generally no - not unless they are designated "En Banc" or "Significant Panel Opinion." The CA WCAB says, "Only WCAB en banc decisions have precedential value and are selected to achieve uniformity of decision and involving cases presenting novel issues. The significant panel decisions, although not of precedential value, are cases selected as involving new or recurring issues about which there is little published law, or where it would be beneficial to provide a restatement of a legal principle or an issue of general interest. These latter decisions are intended to provide information and guidance to the compensation community and have been reviewed by all of the board members who agree that the panel decision merits general dissemination."

If CA WCAB Panel Opinions are not precedential, what good are they?

Litigants to workers' compensation cases will find CA WCAB Panel Opinions beneficial for understanding the direction of the Board, for persuading parties or a WCJ of a particular argument, or understanding how a particular issue or fact pattern may be received.

Can I have a trial to see if I like the service?

Yes - please call our Customer Service department at 805-484-0333 to arrange for a trial.

What is the cost of this service?

Subscriptions are available in monthly, six-month and annual terms. Please see our Subscription page for current pricing information.


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