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What are RSS feeds?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It provides a mechanism to subscribe to "headlines" from a web site. RSS can be used to syndicate information from this website on another site.

What information is available via RSS?
WorkCompCentral RSS feeds provide our courses and news headlines. Courses can be aggregated by type, and news headlines can be aggregated by state. Only headlines are aggregated, to view the full content users must return to workcompcentral.com.

How do I use an RSS feed?
To make use of this service, you will need a piece of software known as an RSS Reader or Aggregator. This automatically gathers RSS feeds from all of your selected online publications, and makes them available to you on your desktop.

Please note we cannot recommend a specific RSS reader and cannot provide support in the use of RSS readers; you download and install them at your own risk.

WorkCompCentral Courses RSS News Feeds
ALL Courses   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/rss/courses/ALL
Webinar   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/rss/courses/Webinar
Online   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/rss/courses/Online
Live   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/education/rss/courses/Live

WorkCompCentral RSS News Feeds
ALL News   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/ALL
Alabama   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/AL
Alaska   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/AK
Arizona   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/AZ
Arkansas   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/AR
California   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/CA
Colorado   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/CO
Connecticut   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/CT
Delaware   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/DE
District of Columbia   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/DC
Florida   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/FL
Georgia   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/GA
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Idaho   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/ID
Illinois   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/IL
Indiana   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/IN
Iowa   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/IA
Kansas   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/KS
Kentucky   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/KY
Louisiana   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/LA
Maine   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/ME
Maryland   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MD
Massachusetts   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MA
Michigan   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MI
Minnesota   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MN
Mississippi   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MS
Missouri   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MO
Montana   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/MT
N/A   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NA
Nebraska   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NE
Nevada   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NV
New Hampshire   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NH
New Jersey   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NJ
New Mexico   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NM
New York   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NY
North Carolina   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/NC
North Dakota   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/ND
Ohio   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/OH
Oklahoma   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/OK
Oregon   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/OR
Pennsylvania   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/PA
Rhode Island   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/RI
South Carolina   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/SC
South Dakota   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/SD
Tennessee   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/TN
Texas   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/TX
Utah   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/UT
Vermont   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/VT
Virginia   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/VA
Washington   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/WA
West Virginia   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/WV
Wisconsin   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/WI
Wyoming   http://ww3.workcompcentral.com/rss/index/state/WY

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