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Risico Webinar Aims to Encourage More High-Quality Medical Providers to Treat Work Comp Patients

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A FREE CEU-accredited Webinar in Partnership with WorkCompCentral

FRESNO, CA – January 7, 2019 – Risico, the Fresno-based workers’ compensation organization, announced that it is partnering with WorkCompCentral to host a free CEU-accredited educational webinar addressing hurdles faced by medical providers in treating patients within the workers’ compensation system and assisting attendees in knowing how to identify and partner with high-quality medical providers.

Risico, founded in 1993, has built a strong, positive reputation maintaining a rapport with high-quality medical providers throughout California's Central Valley Region via its managed care and claims administration operations. The organization’s ability to identify high-quality medical providers and maintain a productive relationship with them is integral to achieving improved patient outcomes, which result in cost savings for clients. 

“Medical Providers can face significant hurdles navigating the rules of California’s workers’ compensation system, which can result in friction with other stakeholders and, in some cases, delay needed medical treatment to the patient. For these reasons, among others, some high-quality providers choose to avoid treating within the workers’ compensation system ultimately limiting high-quality medical care available to injured workers. It is our goal to provide solutions that will reduce friction in the clinic and overtime make the work comp process less of a burden for high-quality medical providers,” said Sharon Mather, Vice President of Nursing for Risico Total Managed Care. 

The webinar scheduled to take place on Thursday February 21, 2019 (2:00 p.m. PST) enlists a panel of two nationally recognized medical experts Dr. Steve Wiesner, The Permanente Medical Group, and Dr. Steven Feinberg, Feinberg Medical Group, to offer a clinician’s perspective.

Dr. Feinberg explains, “There are basically three kinds of medical providers. The first focuses on making money, which translates to unnecessary and sometimes harmful services. The second may be well-meaning, but lacks understanding of the intricacies of the work comp system and has a focus on pathology with no concept of the importance of psychosocial and behavioral factors. However well-meaning, this provider may also inadvertently do harm. The ideal provider, the third type, understands the nuances of the system, focuses on the whole patient with a biopsychosocial approach and works closely with referral sources to assist the injured worker with a rapid recovery and return to work.

Our program will assist attendees in knowing how to avoid the first type of provider, how to assist the second type of provider to do a better job, and importantly, how to identify and partner with the third type of provider.”

WorkCompCentral has opened registration to this free educational webinar. Those wishing to attend can register by visiting www.WorkCompCentral.com/education and selecting “Encouraging High-Quality Medical Provider Participation in Work Comp”.              

About Risico

Risico is a multi-faceted, innovative, customer driven company that provides claims management, managed care and insurance products to thousands of customers throughout California. Risico delivers complete, start-to-finish Workers’ Compensation solutions that are flexible and interchangeable to meet the specific and changing needs of the California market. Through its family of companies, Risico Insurance Services, Inc., Risico Claims Management, Inc., and Risico Total Managed Care, Inc., Risico enables people, businesses and communities to manage health care in more affordable and effective ways. For more information visit www.Risico.com and follow us on Twitter @RisicoFamily.

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