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Committees Pass Bills Requiring Comp for Contractors, Expanding PTSD Presumption

California Senate committees on Monday passed a bill that would require certain contractors to purchase comp coverage and another to extend a post-t

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Stakeholders, Industry Watchers Say New MLFS Unlikely to Fix Med-Legal Issues

providers when paying even the most routine bills. He said providers have long said it should not be a physicians responsibility to clean up medical records dumped on them by the boxful and that the copy service industry has offered a viable process that will take most of the problem out of

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Bills Would Create Statewide Provider Network, Tweak MPN Rules, Require Annual MLFS Updates

A group of workers compensation bills introduced in the California Legislature this month would create a statewide medical provider network impose new rules on networks and require the medical-legal fee schedule to be updated at least once a year. If passed the bills could have far-reaching

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Bill Would Extend Salary Continuation Benefits to State Firefighters

occupational injury or illness. Most other workers receive temporary disability benefits at two-thirds of their pre-injury wages. Today is the deadline for lawmakers to introduce bills for the 2021 session.

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Dispute Raises Question About Requirement to Transmit EORs Electronically

completed our entire research of this situation." She added however that the rules could use more clarity and she reiterated that Lien On Me is still researching the issue. "E- bills have become a larger presence to Lien On Me Inc. during this past few months" she said. "This situation in

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Bills Would Require Annual MLFS Update, Revise Medical Treatment Laws

The California Division of Workers Compensation would be required to update the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule every year under a bill introduced in

Category: News

Bill Would Extend Skin Cancer Presumption to State Parks Workers, Game Wardens

Wednesday and is awaiting referral to committees. The deadline for lawmakers to introduce bills this year is Feb. 19.

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IBR Apps Drop in 2018-19; Providers Bemoan Inability to Recover Filing Fee

in 2018 and 2019. She also said she hasn't seen any evidence that claims administrators are getting better at paying bills. The latest report does not address providers concerns about attempting to recover the IBR filing fees. In a DIR news release DWC Administrative Director George

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Bill Would Create Presumption for Hospital Worker Injuries, Illnesses

workers would also be presumed to have developed cancer respiratory diseases PTSD and any physical musculoskeletal injury through employment. While measures havent been introduced every year California lawmakers for more than 10 years have unsuccessfully proposed bills that would create

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Even WCAB Judges Say They're Having a Hard Time Keeping Up With Comp Laws

lawmakers and voters passed a series of bills and exemptions that weakened the law in 2020 however the two judges say theyre not so sure. And now I dont know Ledger said Wednesday during a WorkCompCentral webinar on AB 5 Proposition 22 and other recent laws that are impacting the workers comp

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