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TWCC Clarifies Medicare/Aid Payment Policies

preauthorization screening criteria but shall not be the sole factor in determining medical necessity. In applying CMS payment policies to the retrospective review of medical bills carriers must determine whether the CMS policy addresses medical necessity in the particular case being considered. If the

Category: News

Chiros in CA the Target in LA Times Story

The workers' compensation woes of Safeway Inc. was in the news on Sunday as the Los Angeles Times ran a story on how chiropractic bills have run that company's California workers' compensation costs far higher than any of the other 19 states the company operates in. Saying that the same boxers

Category: News

IL Quadraplegia Case Goes to Commission re Van

was terminally ill with cancer. She has since died. The employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier Fremont Compensation Insurance Group paid McKenzie's medical bills and weekly workers' compensation benefits. However Fremont refused to provide McKenzie with a handicap-accessible

Category: News

AU Small Businesses Hit Hard by Work Comp

of Australia are calling for small businesses to rise up and reform workers compensation laws throughout the country and in particular those in New South Wales which is seen as particularly onerous on business. One story has a small business not only footing 90 of an injured worker's medical bills

Category: News

NAII Has High Hopes for CA Legislators on Comp

NAII press release Several bills of interest to the California propertycasualty insurance industry- including proposals to reform the workers' compensation system and address privacy issues- are pending on the Senate and Assembly floors. The Senate and the Assembly recessed after passing the

Category: News

Ohio Boasts of Successful Fraud Program

training all SIU staff to investigate health care cases. In fiscal year 2003 the department identified more than 17 million in savings from provider fraud cases. This includes identifying 500000 in savings from a Cleveland case involving a family of chiropractors who were upcoding bills and

Category: News

OH Declares Fraud Awareness Week

claims an inability to work yet holds down a job while collecting workers' comp benefits. A health-care provider who bills for services never provided. Ten years ago there was a good chance these subjects of these investigations would successfully steal from the system; today they would likely

Category: News

CA: Garamendi Says All Must Pay for Comp System

have to squeeze the providers. We have no choice." Of all of the pending 'reform' bills now before the legislature Garamendi said "Let a thousand flowers bloom and then we're going to pluck a bouquet." Garamendi downplaying the recall of Governor Gray Davis said that workers' comp should

Category: News

OH: High Claim Rate for Public School System

Employees at the Dayton Ohio school system which currently employs over 1600 teachers and bus drivers are finding themselves answering phones and performing other transitional jobs in an effort to reduce the district's escalating workers' compensation benefit payments and medical bills. In

Category: News

OR Lawmakers May Raid SAIF Reserves To Pay Bills

Oregon State Treasurer Randall Edwards is running out of options. With State lawmakers set to haggle over large spending issues well into August Edwards must come up with a way to pay the State's bills with no budget approval in sight. Edwards who had planned to issue notes against future tax

Category: News

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