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Dayton Man Pleads Guilty: Worked Under False ID

filed a bill of information on April 29 2003 and Bundenthal pled guilty on June 9 2003 to one felonious count of workers' compensation fraud. Source OH BWC

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OH Declares Fraud Awareness Week

indictments. BWC formed its special investigations unit in 1993 as a result of a BWC strategic planning effort to find a way to investigate fraud in Ohio's workers' compensation system. That same year House Bill 107 created a specific criminal fraud statute in the Ohio Revised Code O.R.C. 2913.48 and

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Republican Fracture Evident in Asbestos Bill

Senator Orin Hatch's R-Utah asbestos reform bill that had barely made its way through Senate committee earlier last month is finding fracture even among reform minded Republicans according to the report accompanying the bill by five Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. While

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Davis Signs Budget; WC Left Mostly Intact

forth in AB 1756. The following is a summary of relevant portions of the bill affecting workers' compensation operations This bill requires the Office of Emergency Services to administer workers' compensation benefits for volunteer disaster service workers. Prior law required the California

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Hearing on WCIRB 12% Hike set for 9/12

anniversary rating dates on or after January 1 2004. Of the 12.0 average increase 6.0 is attributable to updated loss and loss adjustment experience 5.0 is due to the impact of Assembly Bill No. 749 1.8 is the estimated provision for earthquake exposure and -1.2 is due to the change in the

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OH Businesses: Drugs/Alcohol Should Bar WC Claims

Reacting to an Ohio Supreme Court decision that overturned a similar law last year Ohio business groups are backing a bill sponsored by Representative Bob Gibbs R- Lakeville that would deny workers' compensation benefits for workers injured while they were drunk or on drugs. The Ohio

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CA Budget Passes; WCAB Still General Funded

cost employers only twenty-five cents per 1000 in payroll per year and would generate 10 million. 80 of the WCAB funding comes from the state's general fund with the balance funded by workers comp premium taxes and fees levied on self-insured companies. The budget bill goes to Governor

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McClintock Wants CA WC Like the AZ System

legislation is part of the Workers' Compensation Reform package being sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce. The bill specifies that injury or disease arising out of employment must be certified by a physician using medical evidence based on objective medical findings. Wrapping up his speech

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NCOIL National Conference 11/20 in New Mexico

policyholders is key to modernization. A model bill will be up for adoption in Santa Fe. RATE AND POLICY FORMS How can states speed new products to market Congress wants to know. States need to act. AN INTERSTATE COMPACT FOR LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCTS It could help states speed reform. But will

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AAI Backs NCOIL's Antifraud Bill

The Alliance of American Insurers is confident that the National Conference of Insurance Legislators' NCOIL recent unanimous adoption of a model insurance antifraud bill will add an effective new arrow to the quiver of law enforcement officials attacking this insidious crime. "Fraud is far

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