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WCIRB Governing Committee Meets Wednesday

The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California Governing Committee will review pending regulatory legislative and judicial actions during a public meeting Wednesday. Committee members will discuss bills passed during the legislative session that adjourned Sept. 10 as well as

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CWCI: Average Med-Legal Payment Increased 67% Under New Fee Schedule

interpreter. CWCI reports between that April and May 56.7 of comprehensive medical-legal services were billed using only ML201 and did not include the MLPRR code for additional record review or the ML205 code for reviewing surveillance footage. The median payment for ML201 bills was 2015. The

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Assembly Passes Firefighter Salary Continuation Measure

Fund to make discretionary investments in properties securities and money market mutual funds. The amended bill also extends State Funds authorization to invest up to 20 of its surplus in stocks mortgages and other instruments. Both bills will be presented to Gov. Gavin Newsom who will have

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Stakeholders Urge Against Possible Second Hearing on Copy Proposal

requests for copy services are submitted for legitimate reasons. Virtually everyone who has commented on the perjury provision has asked the DWC to either remove it from the proposal or rephrase it so stakeholders know precisely who would be liable. The proposal also states that bills must be paid

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Omnibus Bill Goes Back to Insurance Committee

Assembly Insurance Committee earlier this week under a rule allowing additional review of bills that are amended in the upper chamber. The bill was amended twice while it was in the Senate. One of the amendments would require additional time to account for mail delays when work comp policy cancellations

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Senate Passes Omnibus Bill; PTSD Presumption Goes to Inactive File

by Sen. Henry Stern D-Canoga Park would add firefighters for the state Hospitals Developmental Services Veterans Affairs and Military departments to the list of first responders covered by a PTSD presumption. The California Legislature adjourns Sept. 10. Bills not passed this year can be

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Stakeholders Want DWC to Clear Up Confusion Over Copy Price Schedule Proposal

of perjury from whom the company issuing the bills From the billing clerk generating the bills Does it need to be signed Normally anything under penalty of perjury requires a signature. It would be ridiculous to have to sign every invoice. Again more importantly the responsibility of who is

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Firefighter Benefit, PTSD Expansion Passes; MLFS Bill on Hold

California legislative committees last week passed bills that would give more firefighters access to salary continuation benefits and a presumption that post-traumatic stress disorder is compensable. At the same time lawmakers held a measure that would require payments for medical-legal

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Appropriations Committees Vote on Comp Bills Thursday

Appropriations committees in the California Assembly and Senate on Thursday will vote on bills sent to their suspense files that address presumptions salary continuation benefits for some firefighters and mandatory updates to the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule. The Senate Appropriations Committee

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Assembly Committee Sends to Suspense File Bill That Would Expand PTSD Presumption

response communication employees also would be covered under SB 284. Committee members did not discuss SB 284 on Thursday before voting to send the measure to its suspense file along with dozens of other proposed bills. A representative from Sterns office said the senator wasnt surprised that SB

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